Recruiting Solutions

In today’s market finding qualified talent can often be a challenge. Ten years ago individuals would read the Sunday paper to learn about job openings.  Recruiters often referred as “Headhunters” were also used to find the very best talent.  Then the Internet caught on and companies began using the Internet to post their job openings.  The Internet is a valuable tool in recruiting but companies quickly became overwhelmed with the hundreds of resumes they received for a single opening. As great as the Internet is, it cannot replace the human aspect required in connecting qualified talent to an organization that has an immediate resource need.


That's where we come in. Clark's Consulting Connection has been involved in Human Resources for 30+ years.  Our hands-on experience in recruiting, screening and pre-assessments has provided invaluable knowledge of what it takes to find the very best person to fill an immediate need. Our relational approach allows us to keep the "Human" in Human Resources. Our goal is to help create the best possible fit for everyone I assist.



When America experienced the severe economic downturn in 2008 many companies were forced to eliminate positions.  Companies did not enter into these decisions lightly.  Fortunately, more and more companies are providing outplacement services to assist employees during this dramatic career transition.  We’ve often heard the difference between a minor and major surgery is it's minor surgery if it happens to someone else and major surgery if it happens to me.  I think you would agree; if you’ve been told your job is being eliminated you’ve just experienced major surgery first hand.


Since August 2008 Clark's Consulting Connection, LLC have assisted more than 700 individuals in areas such as dealing with the emotional impact of loosing a job, resume preparation, interviewing skills as well as the latest networking techniques.  ​During the past 30 years the Founder has had the opportunity to work in manufacturing, banking as well as non-profit.  Because of his Human Resource role he was responsible for coordinating and communicating that a person’s position was being eliminated.  This was not easy.  Van would say "I relate very well to the displaced employees" because he also has been told his position was being eliminated.  Outplacement is not easy for the person delivering the message or receiving the message. 


Career Coaching

Sometimes a company is not able to provide outplacement services for their impacted employees so the individual is often left wondering what to do next? From their perspective they feel as if life has literally turned upside down and left all alone.  If this is your case, we can and want to help. We can assist you in regaining the correct perspective, resume preparation, interviewing skills and the latest networking techniques.


One of the most important things an impacted individual can understand during this time is you have a job and that is to find a job.  A second important lesson to understand is that each day you are not working is costing you money; so it’s imperative you have a game plan to reenter the workforce.  This will not happen by itself. And you need not attempt this by yourself. More than any skill we can bring to your transition, we will be an encouraging voice of confidence that will keep you engaged and focused on securing your next job.

Make the Next Step in Your Career!