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Meet Van Clark

I am the founder of Clark’s Consulting Connection, LLC.  I launched my company in 2003 for the purpose of meeting the business and personal needs for individuals and companies.  My primary focus is to be a catalyst for adding value to people through the vehicles of Recruiting, HR Consulting, Outplacement, and Career Coaching.

My passion for people comes from my faith in the ultimate servant-leader, Jesus. He cared for people more than His position. This paradigm has molded me into a man who has learned first-hand, "People don't care about how much you know until they know how much you care". (Zig Ziglar)

I am a 1984 graduate of the University of South Carolina with a B.S. in Management. My personal work experience and consulting experience includes but is not limited to manufacturing, banking, non-profit, robotics, real estate, renewable energy as well as high performance work teams.

My chief desire is to use my 30+ years of Human Resource experience to serve and help people. I would love the opportunity to share my experiences and discover how I can help you or your organization achieve the goals and aspirations you have for your professional career.

Clarks Consulting Connection, LLC

"Van is a very knowledgeable and down to earth person to help you get in a position to take the next steps in your career search. He is very easy to work with and puts you in a position to find what you are looking for. His experience in the HR world is invaluable and was a great help to put things into perspective for me. I really appreciate everything he did and highly recommend him for anyone struggling to find the next steps in their job search. Thanks again Van!"

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