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Meet Van Clark

I am the founder of Clark’s Consulting Connection, LLC.  I launched my company in 2003 for the purpose of meeting the business and personal needs for individuals and companies.  My primary focus is to be a catalyst for adding value to people through the vehicles of Recruiting, HR Consulting, Outplacement, and Career Coaching.

I am a 1984 graduate of the University of South Carolina with a B.S. in Management. My personal work experience and consulting experience includes but is not limited to manufacturing, banking, non-profit, robotics, real estate, renewable energy as well as high performance work teams.

My chief desire is to use my 30+ years of Human Resource experience to serve and help people. I would love the opportunity to share my experiences and discover how I can help you or your organization achieve the goals and aspirations you have for your professional career.

Construction Workers
"Van and I have worked together for almost six months, where he serves as a military-to-civilian transition coach/mentor for Upstate Warrior Solution's Fellowship Program. He has volunteered over 40 hours of his time, traveled all over the Upstate, and met with our fellows, individually, without hesitation. Van has consistently proven himself as a valuable resource for employment services through his hard work and dedication to the job. He has gained the trust of the UWS staff and of our veterans with a passion to serve that is second to none. Van is a talented, hard-working, and self-driven individual who will go above and beyond to serve others. Without question, Van has accomplished more with his time than any other volunteer in the UWS Fellowship Program."